Always Keeping the Faith

This performance never and i say NEVER fails to bring me to tears.

AKTF! <3

no to eye make-up?

I just watched MBLAQ’s “CRY” MV. I soOOOoo loved the song but one thing that really distracted me from the video is the make-up and guys, that was a lot of eye make-up, for guys! I mean, it’s nothing new but hell no, the only reason why I put up with their eye make-up during the “Y” promotions (GOD, that song is forever prection) was because I never thought it would happen again but then, this:


Yeah, yeah it is purty, like, for a girl! I guess that’s the thing, their eye make-up has more color than an idol girl’s make-up since their make-up is more on black than colored. I can’t believe I’m even ranting about eye make-up but OH WELL.
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I’ve had this account since 2009 but I’ve never written an entry till now, I guess because I had really limited time plus internet in the city I live in S-U-C-K-S so rather than spending my time writing or posting an entry, I spent it downloading and reading everything that could satisfy my fangirling need at that limited time, I was on a strict schedule, made by yours truly, I mean my browsers were set on the websites it would immediately open every time I run it and I’ve tried every program which says that it could speed up your downloading, (IDM and I are still together, broke up a few times but still together). Why finally decide to start posting an entry? The main thing is because I’M STUCK! Just lost my internet connection so no downloading for the meantime (killing me sl…o…w….ly….), internet cafes isn’t really a good option for me since they charge a lot and there aren’t a lot of cafes where you could use your own laptop for LAN so the only option right now is wi-fi via the mall or cafes but the internet speed isn’t that speedy though so I’m really STUCK right now since I won’t be able to download or read the stuff I normally do with the time since my time was limited when I had my connection but now that I’m in public is impossible, what a way to start the year huh?
So here I am, posting an entry and I guess everything I’d be posting would be things that are just in my mind for a while or what I’d be feeling in a moment, point blank -- RANTINGS.

A New Year calls for a FIRST entry, EVER!

The two groups that brought me the most pain these past years.


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